Twitter URL Crawler bot

I developed a simple Twitter URL crawler bot that allows you to pull tweets from your feed or other users' timeline and store attached URLs in a Google Spreadsheet. Everything is managed with a Telegram bot, so you only save what is really interesting to your. It has never been easier to keep track of all the interesting URLs on Twitter out there.

Take a closer look at the doPost() function, as it stores the "heart" of the transfer bot. With little programming skills, you can start adapting the TwitterUrlCrawler bot to your own needs.

Have fun!

  • Automatically crawl our own twitter feed or timelines of any account Your bot automatically crawls your own feed or any twitter timeline of interest and picks out URLs
  • Confirm storing the URLs via Telegram commands Whenever the bot found an URL in your feed or timeline, it asks you to store them via Telegram. After In-Telegram preview, easily confirm or decline storing the URL to your private list.
  • Store URLs of interest to a Google Spreadsheet: The Google end of the bot allows you to store URL to a Spreadsheet.
  • Back up for URLs: The bot also pulls a copy of the saved URLs as HTML into a Google Drive folder
  • Simple syntax: The core element of the bot relies only on if-else statements and is understandable also to programming beginners
  • Easy to install, free of charge, 24/7 readiness