Google-Telegram Transfer Bot

I developed a simple Telegram bot that allows command-based information storing. The Google Apps Script links your bot to a google spreadsheet and is easy to install, maintain and handle.

Take a closer look at the doPost() function, as it stores the "heart" of the transfer bot. With little programming skills, you can start adapting the transfer bot to your own needs. Make sure to always select the appropriate cells in the Spreadsheet as it works as your temporary (Worksheet 2 + 3) and permanent storage.

Have fun!

Features of the Transfer Bot:

  • Link Telegram to Google Spreadsheet: Feed a Telegram bot with information to store in Google Spreadsheet
  • Fill in customizable columns: Currently set to digest a URL and enter keywords, locations, persons, comments linked to the URL - but: Fully customizable to store any information
  • Telegram command based: Indicate type of stored information with Telegram commands (starting with '/'), e.g. keywords, persons, locations
  • Back up for URLs: Stores URLs as HTML in Google Drive folder
  • Single Input: Prevents input confusion between two users by blocking the input as long as another user is still requesting the bot
  • Simple syntax: The core element of the bot relies only on if-else statements and is understandable also to programming beginners
  • Easy to install, free of charge, 24/7 readiness